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TOV Community Garden

The TOV Community Garden at Brookdale Covenant Church was begun in 2014 by Brenda Johnson and Mark Dischinger as a "Internship" for Brenda through Bethel University.


That spring Mark built four raised beds, each measuring 4 feet by 20 feet, as he and Brenda began the work of partnering with church members to grow fresh vegetables for the congregation and community.


The TOV garden gets it's name from the Hebrew word for GOOD!  (Think "Mazel tov!")  TOV is the word that God uses in Genesis to describe His creation.  "It was good."  "It was TOV!" 


The word "TOV" has an "ongoing goodness" to it that the English word "good" just doesn't describe.  The TOV Garden has certainly had an ONGOING GOODNESS to it!  In 2017 Brookdale was awarded a grant from Hennepin County to expand the garden.  We added five more raised beds (each measuring 4x20), three elevated raised beds, a garden shed, a picnic table, a compost pile and potted herbs.  


Each year we welcome gardeners to care for space that they choose.  We reserve one bed for flowers.  This helps attract pollinators and adds beauty to the space and to our Sunday services with fresh cut flowers! 


This summer we partnered with Relentless Academy and taught students gardening, cooking and healthy eating skills!  Students who attended the summer S.M.A.R.T. program will get hands on time in the garden and use science, math, and other skills to learn to grow their own food!

If you are in need to fresh vegetable in the summer and fall please call the church office to set up a time for pickup.

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