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September 9-11 at Covenant Pines Bible Camp
McGregor, MN

Connection. Rest. Fun. Following Jesus Together.

This is what the all church retreat is all about. And we hope that you are able to join us!

Theme for 2022:

how goes your walk?

Right after God created the world, God could be found walking in the garden with Adam and Eve. And the story of scripture and our experience tells us that God has not stopped showing up and walking us since. We will be exploring what it means that God walks with us, why this is such good news, and mapping practical ways to make space to walk with God in our daily, routine lives. We sincerely hope that you can make it!


Cost: Adults (13+): $120;

Children (4-12): $60

Children (0-3): FREE

Max per family: $420

Saturday Only: $40 Adults, $20 Children


Register for the retreat here!

When will you be attending?

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Get Excited. We sure are.

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